Saturday, March 17, 2018

Keeping Ms. Kitty Away From My Network Cables

This is Ms Kitty:

Ms. Kitty sits inside UMMD

She is the sweetest cat there could ever be, but she has one bad habit:  she likes to chew on black computer network cables.  In the last two weeks she has chewed right through one of my primary network cables twice.

I'm not sure how to correct this behavior, but until I figure it out, I came up with a simple solution: keep her out of the room where the network equipment resides.  The room has "French doors" that don't latch shut, so I designed and printed two simple latches.

Door latch open.  I made two of these, one for outside and one for inside the room.

Door latch closed.

Does it work?  Of course it does!

keeping the cat out from Mark Rehorst on Vimeo.

We'll see if and how she chooses to take revenge...