Thursday, November 11, 2021

A Stand for the LG SN11RG Sound Bar

 My TV is mounted on the wall using a corner bracket thing. That means it's not sitting on a piece of furniture on which I could put the sound bar. After about a month of having the sound bar sit on the box it came in, I decided I had to do something better.

The SN11RG sound bar on the finished stand.

Someone at the makerspace was kind enough to leave a box of 1" iron pipe and fittings in the up-for-grabs pile, so I grabbed it, initially thinking I'd use it to make shelf brackets. I considered the possibility of creating a shelf in the corner under the TV, but decided it would be better if the thing was a stand-alone thing that I could move easily in case I decided to move the TV out of the corner.

I measured the sound bar and realized that a piece of 1"x6" wood (actually 3/4" x 5 1/2") would be perfect for it, so I bought a piece of maple at Home Depot, cut it to length (1415 mm), drilled some holes for the flanges, sanded,  stained, and finished it. Then I assembled the pipe and fittings and bolted it all together.

1/4-20 flathead screws, washers, and nuts were used to mount the board on the legs.

One of two identical legs, including printed TPU feet to protect the floor.

I decided that it would be a good idea to have some sort of feet to protect the floor, so I designed and printed some using black TPU.  I didn't want the feet to be visible, so I made them smaller than the bolt circle of the flanges. They are 2 mm thick, and I added crush ribs to hold them in the pipe.

CAD rendering of one of the feet. The crush ribs have a 28 mm outer diameter to fit into a 1" pipe. 

The printed black TPU feet (yes, I know, they aren't perfect, but they're good enough). The crush ribs hold the feet inside the pipe but allow easy removal.

The stand is rock solid so I don't have to worry about Ms. Kitty knocking it over if she jumps up on it.