Sunday, April 29, 2018

Duet Controller Board Mount

As part of UMMD's conversion from SmoothieBoard to Duet Ethernet, I needed a stand-off mount for the Duet board that would allow me to route wires under the board and allow air flow to help keep it cool.  I found a very accurate Duet Ethernet model by Giuliano Moschini at GrabCAD and imported it into Fusion360, and used it to design the mount for the board.

Underside view of the models.  The posts provide extra support for the board (when you're plugging in cables) without blocking air flow.  You can screw the mount down from the top side using the holes next to the corner posts, or you can screw it down from below using the holes in the corner posts.

Giuliano Moschini's superb CAD model of the Duet board made it very easy to design the mount.

Perfect fit on first attempt.

This was my first-ever PETG print (I know, right?) using Yoyi transparent green filament purchased via  I measured the diameter in 30 places and it averaged 1.74 mm, with the worst measurement coming in at 1.72 mm.  They seem to have good control of the filament diameter.  The print surface is shiny and the layers are solidly bonded to each other.

This filament glows nicely under UV illumination.  I started printing at 240C/90C and had a tiny bit of stringing, so I dropped the extruder to 235C and the stringing stopped completely.  Printed in 0.2 mm layers, 60 mm/sec, Titan/V6/Volcano with 0.4 mm nozzle, on clean PEI bed.  I did not use a print cooling fan.  The print stayed stuck to the bed and came off easily when the bed cooled.  No lifting even at the sharp corners.

The STEP file for the mount is here.

The STL file is here.

I'll be posting my design for the Panel Due 7i here shortly...

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