Friday, July 17, 2020

A Car Stand for a OneWheel Pint

My son rides around on something called a OneWheel. It's like an electric skateboard but it has only one large tire and it sort of self-balances. I think he's nuts, but what are you going to do?

The OneWheel weighs about 9 kg. When he transports it his car, its odd shape allows it to tumble around every time he hits the bakes or gas or turns, so he needed some sort of stand for it that would hold it stable and keep it from damaging the back of the car. He showed me a couple designs for stands on Thingiverse, but as is often the case with models on Thingiverse, they are best used to illustrate how not to do something.

I started my design the usual way, by making a 3D model of the OneWheel with just the pertinent details modeled to the accurate dimensions, measured with a caliper and measuring tape. I used that model to design the stand. The design has a large, flat base, 286 mm in diameter by 6 mm thick, that is a silly waste of time to print. It would be more sensible to start with a wood, metal, or plastic base, either round or square, and then screw down some printed parts designed to hold the OneWheel, but I didn't have any suitable material on-hand so I went ahead and printed the stand with the large base.

CAD model of the OneWheel on the stand. The side of the tire and wheel rim rest on the stand.

The tabs just fit into the rim of the wheel but don't interfere with the valve stem.

Print in progress on UMMD- it took about 10 hours and 45 minutes, about half of which was spent printing the large circular base, and used 307 g of PETG filament.  It was printed in 0.3 mm layers at 50 mm/sec with 20% triangular infill, 4 perimeters, 0.5 mm line width, and 4 top and bottom solid layers, in one piece without supports.

Here is the OneWheel on the printed stand. Like our genius president, it's quite stable!

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