Sunday, April 25, 2021

Just a dumb little thing

I lock my bike with a Kryptonite Evolution mini 7 lock and cable. The lock comes with a bracket to carry it on the bike frame. It also comes with a couple little rubber "bumpers" that are supposed to keep the lock from rattling when it's in the bracket while you ride. Naturally, I quickly lost one of the not-so-tight-fitting bumpers and the lock was rattling up a storm every time I rode. That was really annoying because the bike is almost completely silent otherwise. I did what anyone with a 3D printer would do and I "designed" a printable bumper to replace both of the ones supplied by Kryptonite.

I made my bumpers fit tighter and a little longer than the original because the original still allowed some rattling. The tighter fit will keep me from losing it, and the additional height really prevents rattling.

Here's my "design":

I took advantage of the fact that holes print small and made the inside diameter 13 mm, exactly the same as the lock, which means it will fit tightly when it goes on the lock. The outside diameter is 19 mm, and the length (height?) is 8 mm (the original was 7mm high).

I printed a couple of bumpers using TPU filament in about 5 minutes. They fit perfectly and prevent all rattling!

Anti rattle bumpers- mine and the original.

New anti rattle bumpers in place.

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