Monday, October 18, 2021

3D Printed Stands for LG SN11RG Surround Speakers

 I recently added an LG SN11RG sound bar to my TV (got it on sale for about 1/2 price!). It's pretty deluxe, and connects wirelessly to the woofer and two rear surround speakers. My setup is a little less than ideal, but I'm kind of forced to position things the way they are due to the many windows in my living room. By less than ideal, I mean the TV is in one corner of the room with the sound bar, and the surround speakers are on end tables on either end of my couch. 

The end tables are not matched and one is 30 mm higher than the other. I wanted to put the speakers at equal height, so I designed two stands, one 200mm tall and the other 230 mm tall to make up for the difference in end table heights.

It took two attempts, but I matched the bottom of the speakers perfectly and have the rubber feet sitting in little concavities in the tops of the stands. A single M4 screw attaches each stand to its speaker. The first design had three feet to sit on the tables, but I felt like it wasn't going to be stable enough so I redesigned them to have 180 mm diameter round bases.

The stands are printed using PETG with a 1mm nozzle with 1.2 mm line width, two perimeters, and zero infill. There's a cone in the center of each stand that allows me to get a long 3mm hex screwdriver in to tighten the M4 screw that holds the stand to the speaker. I added some modifiers with 90% infill at the top of the stands to allow clean printing of the concavities for the speaker's feet.

This is one of the stands highlighting the cone that runs through the center of the stand to allow tool access for installing an M4 screw.

One of the stands...

The other stand.

If you also have the same speakers and need stands, you can download the STEP file for my stands here.

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