Friday, June 7, 2019

Milwaukee MakerSpace on Fox6 TV local news broadcast

I spend my Tuesday evenings (and usually Sunday afternoons) at the Milwaukee MakerSpace. Channel 6 TV in Milwaukee recently took a tour of the Milwaukee MakerSpace.
Link to the broadcasts on the Fox6 web site.
And another page with more video.

If you're too lazy to click the links up there, here's video they shot of some of the things that go on at the MakerSpace:

You can see "The Spice Must Flow" sand table is in this video:

If you're in Milwaukee and you want to take a tour, we're open to the public on Tuesday nights at 7pm for meetings and tours.  The MakerSpace is located at 2555 S. Lenox St. in Bay View.

There are a lot of great restaurants in the area, but if you're hungry before or after a visit to the MakerSpace on a Tuesday night, Cafe Corazon (top left corner of the map, a few blocks from the MakerSpace) has great $2 tacos - I highly recommend the pork pibil!  It'll be the best 2 bucks you ever spent!

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