Tuesday, January 16, 2018

3D Printable SSR Cover

I needed a cover for the SSR that switches power to the bed heater in UMMD, so I designed and printed one.  The SSR I used is a Crydom D1225, but they are all pretty much the same size, so this cover should work for most common SSRs.

SSRs can get warm, depending on the load they are switching.  You wouldn't want the cover to melt, so PLA is probably not a good material to use for this.  The body of the SSR appears to be ABS, but it's hard to say for sure.  I used ABS which won't melt until the SSR gets so hot that it fails anyway.  PC would be a good choice of material for this, too.

This is one of the last parts I designed using DesignSpark Mechanical as I am switching over to Fusion360.

The original design and STL files are here
CAD image of the cover.  Walls are 2.4mm thick, holes fit #6 or 3mm screws.  The slots are large enough to fit over lugs, or you can just screw the wires to the SSR's screw terminals.

Photo of the printed cover in the printer.

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