Thursday, January 18, 2018

Foot Surgery: Excision of Morton's Neuroma - Not for the Squeamish!

Last week I had surgery to remove two neuromas in my left foot.  Since then I've been keeping it elevated, iced, and dry, and wear a boot over it to keep pressure off the foot.  I went back to see the doctor today to have the dressing changed and took my camera.

Here's what my foot looks like today:

The dressing will be changed again and the stitches will come out next week.  I have to wear the boot for two more weeks.

There has been minimal discomfort since the surgery, the worst being when I had cramps in my foot on a couple mornings, which often happens to me in the morning.  I keep my foot elevated, ice it once in a while, and take naproxen or ibuprofen to help prevent swelling.

The central three toes are now numb and will likely have permanent paraesthesia- removing the neuromas involves cutting out pieces of nerves, among other things.

I'll be having the same surgery done to my other foot in March or April.  Woohoo!


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