Thursday, January 18, 2018

A 3D Printed Nespresso Coffee Capsule Dispenser

My wife bought a Nespresso coffee maker when they went on sale last year.  It makes great, but weak coffee, and the best thing about it is the milk foamer.  The only problem was figuring out what to do with the boxes that the capsules come in.  My kitchen is short on storage space, and I'm trying to switch from DesignSpark Mechanical (a great CAD program) to Fusion360 (also a great CAD program), so I designed and printed this storage box/dispenser to kill two birds with one stone.

Printed on UMMD, it takes up almost the full width of the bed.  I could have added one more slot, and the capacity could be doubled by adding an equal number of slots on the back side, but that would not have worked well in my kitchen.  The Fusion360 file, linked below, is modular, so you can make one of these with as many slots as you like with only minor manipulation of the CAD file.

I printed with a 0.8 mm nozzle in 0.4 mm layers and it took about 7 hours to print.  I used copper colored PLA because it seemed an appropriate choice for coffee.

Here it is, loaded and ready to go.  The inside of each compartment is filleted at the back and front to cause the capsules to fall forward and make them easy to take out.  There are stops inside each slot to prevent the boxes from being inserted too far, making for  neat appearance with all the boxes inserted at the same level.

The original CAD file is here.

The STL file is here.

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